Think of what you can give instead…..

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Just a quick thought, have any of you noticed how we read so many posts on the internet about wives complaining about their husbands for not thanking them for all their cooking,washing,dusting efforts….etc?? Not only is this on the internet … Continued

Give your heart to Him….

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We care so much about the calories we need for our bodies to give us the energy we need. But what about our soul calories??What about when we are feeling lonely, sad, anxious, worried, helpless, bored, disconnected,…etc?Why don’t we care … Continued

Happy tests……

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HAPPY times….TESTS…………. When we go through hard times, we reflect on our lives. We start to re-evaluate things; sometimes we may lose part of our faith. But more often than not we actually hold on to our faith even more. … Continued


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Cheesecake!!! NOOOOOOOO Of all the things you can bring me you got me cheesecake!! Oh! NOW! Where have you been for the last 8 months or more 🙁 … Has that ever happened to you? Finally after months of planning … Continued

Life is a rainbow….

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Life is a rainbow…. The last two weeks my life was turned upside down. It’s amazing the way we can live our daily lives believing everything will continue as it is. We have our daily hopes, dreams, disappointments, successes and … Continued

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